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Our Defense Strategy: Centered On You

We understand that this fight isn't just a case- it's your life and liberty at stake. It's your rights, your freedom, your future. At the Gracey Law Firm, we make it personal. We embrace your story, utilizing every minute detail, so that we can craft a compelling defense personalized to you. We have represented clients facing felony and misdemeanor charges in both federal and state courts, employing our defense strategy with huge success. As a result, the Gracey Law Firm has been winning federal and state cases for more than three decades.


Our legacy of success

Judith Gracey has spent over 30 years in criminal defense, from complex conspiracy cases to taking on death penalty eligible cases. With experience from both sides of the court room (as a former prosecutor for the City of Flint turned defense attorney), she brings a valuable perspective to your defense. Judith has been appointed 17 years consecutively by Michigan Governors to the Appellate Defender Commission for her outstanding work in defense. She has also been recognized by the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and was awarded the Criminal Justice Act Recognition award.

We represent various aspects of criminal law:

  • Federal & State Courts

  • All Felony & Misdemeanor Charges

    • Murder

    • Sex Crimes

    • Robbery/Burglary/Home Invasion

    • RICO

    • Cyber Crimes

    • Domestic Violence

    • Drug Related and Drunk Driving DUI

    • Expungement

    • Healthcare Fraud

    • Probation Violations

    • Retail Fraud

    • Suspended Driver's License

    • Assault and Battery

    • Traffic

    • Larceny

    • Identity Theft

    • Fraud

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"I have worked with the Gracey Law Firm on several occasions. I have always been favorably impressed. Judith Gracey is an excellent attorney and she is someone in whom I place my complete trust. The staff is always courteous and professional. My questions are answered thoroughly and my telephone calls are always promptly returned. I highly recommend the Gracey Law Firm for your legal needs."
                                        - Jerome D., Civil and Criminal Defense Client

Ms. Gracey is a true professional that genuinely cares about her clients' welfare. I'm very grateful for her and her firm's kindness and competence during a very stressful time. Thank you all.
                                                            - Chandrika C., Client

Crimial Defense Cases


real people.
real cases.
real results.

Have questions? 

We have answers.

The criminal defense process is complicated, we understand that. At our firm blog, you can read about what you need to know: everything from what happens when you're arrested to what arraignment is, and more! 

I've just been arrested....What happens now?

When you are arrested, you will be held in custody by the police or sheriff until your arraignment takes place, or a bond is set. If you do not receive a bond amount--which is the cash amount that allows you to be released from jail during the time of trial-- you will be taken by the police to the district court for your arraignment.

At your arraignment, the judge will explain to you exactly what you are being charged with. The judge will also explain to you ....

I've been stopped by the police....what do I do?

We all know that feeling of panic that sets in when you see those red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror. Regardless of whether you think you have done something wrong or not, your heart begins to race as you consider what the officer is going to ask you and how you should respond. Having a basic understanding of your rights and legal obligations when stopped by a police officer will place (at least some of) the control into your own hands.

The first three things a police officer will typically ask....

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