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criminal defense cases

Child Abuse Felony Charge - (Federal Criminal Defense, 2018)

Case: Client charged with child abuse, was going to be found guilty in violation of 4 US Supreme Court sections (with a sentence carrying up to 2 years in jail). During case pending, client received visitation time with children.

Result: The charge was reduced to a Class A misdemeanor with no jail time served, client was given two years of probation instead.

Conspiracy to Possess - (Federal Witness, 2018)

Case: Represented as a federal witness, testifying against conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances. Required countless meetings with client and the government, including transcontinental flights.

Result: Maintained client’s state of security and comfort, and helped client to navigate the system as a witness. 

Carrying a Concealed Weapon - (State Criminal Defense Felony Charge, 2024)

Case: Client charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW), a felony with a maximum prison sentence of five years. The Gracey Law Firm submitted a deviation letter to the state's prosecutor, skillfully bargaining to reduce the felony.

Result: The felony CCW charge was reduced to a misdemeanor charge of Transporting a Firearm within a Vehicle, which carries a maximum penalty of 93 days in jail. Client was only sentenced to probation.

Murder/Racketeering/Assault - (Federal Criminal Defense Death Penalty-Eligible Felony Charge, 2016)

Case: Client facing nine counts including murder, racketeering, use of a firearm, assault, etc. Case began as a death penalty case or life imprisonment, and had been ongoing for four years. Gracey's aggressive defense provided results for said client. 

Result: Death penalty dropped and life imprisonment sentencing reduced. 

CD Case

Mental Health Appointments - (Probate, 2019)

Case: Client was in a mental hospital, in need of a guardian to aid him and supervise him during and after his recovery. Attorney Gracey visited the hospital to assess the situation and determine what was in the client's best interest. Afterward, she petitioned to appoint his mother as his guardian until his condition improved.

Result: Petitioned for a guardianship that satisfied the client's best interest while preserving meaningful familial relationships.

Guardian Ad Litem for Children - (Probate, 2019)

Case: 3 boys in need of court representation. Attorney Gracey visited the children, represented them and was their voice in court. She looked after their best interests for 4+ years. After the termination of the children's parents' parental rights, she helped guide the children through their placements in foster homes and the adoption process.

Result: The Gracey Law Firm spent 4+ years being a voice for the voiceless, helping children navigate the court process and the adoption process to their best interest.

Guardianship/Conservatorship - (Probate, 2017)

Case: Client is an elderly woman seeking help to petition for appointment of conservator and of appointment of guardian.

Result: Retained guardianship/conservatorship. Helped client and family control assets (financial accounts, personal property).


Business Law and Contracts - (2017)

Case: Local small business in their growth stage, seeking contracts and written business documents.

Result: Created high quality documents efficiently, including: Employment Agreement, Non-solicitation agreement, Non-competition Agreements, Offer letter - full time and part time, and Employee Handbook.

BC Cases

Trip and Fall - (Personal Injury, 2018)

Case: Client had a slip and fall at her son's apartment complex, resulting in a right femur fracture. Seeking medical compensation and insurance coverage for her injury.

Result: Attorney Gracey obtained her medical records, sent demand to request a settlement to both the apartment complex and insurance adjuster. Aggressively and consistently sought justice for her client.

Automobile Negligence Injury Claim - (Personal Injury, 2018)

Case: Two clients were injured in an automobile accident in West Bloomfield, resulting in numerous injuries between them. Attorney Gracey took their case, fighting for their claim to a settlement due to these injuries.

Result: $9,400 granted in a settlement to the two plaintiffs. 


Assault and Battery Case - (Sports Law/Criminal Defense, 2001)

Case: The client, a professional athlete, was charged with Assault and Battery, a sentence carrying up to a maximum of a year in jail alongside fines. 

Result: Attorney Gracey ardently defended the client in district court, resolving the high-profile case quickly without fanfare that could have seriously disrupted the client's career.


Numerous Commercial Vehicle Violations - (Traffic, 2023)

Case: Client's business was charged with a litany of violations on their company vehicle: A) Overweight Commercial Vehicle, B) Unsecure Load, C) No Safety Reflective Tape. 

Result: Attorney Gracey negotiated a plea agreement with prosecutors, saving the client hundreds of dollars in fines as the last two charges were dropped.

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