Sports Law

Considering a sports contract? You need an attorney.

Sports LawWhether you are an amateur, or professional player, there may come a time when you need help with contracts. Whether it’s negotiating a salary, or licensing merchandise before you sign any type of agreement, you need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to ensure your rights are protected. Contracts are often long-term and sometimes contain onerous terms which you’ll have to abide by. Before you sign, make sure you seek the assistance of a competent sports attorney.

There are many times when a sports figure may need an attorney; for example, if you’re injured and medical bills are not being paid, you may need someone to help work with insurance companies. If your contract is not being honored by a team you’re playing for, you may also need to have an attorney who will fight back. We have assisted in negotiating professional sports, and sponsorship contracts.

The Gracey Law Firm have represents those who play sports, coaches, officials, and sports team owners. We understand this is a complex field of law and we’re here to make sure your questions are answered. We’ll provide you the representation you need to ensure your rights are protected through any type of legal matter.

Attorney Judith S. Gracey offers a free, initial phone consultation for clients in the Metro Detroit area. If you are a coach, affiliate, sponsor or athlete, and you need legal advice, contact The Gracey Law Firm today. We’ll make sure your rights are thoroughly protected regardless of the type of legal challenge you are facing.