DUI and Traffic

Do Not Risk Your Driving Rights

DUI and Traffic

Arrested? Charged with OWI? You need a criminal defense attorney!

If you’re arrested in southeastern Michigan, particularly the Metro Detroit Area, contact The Gracey Law Firm immediately. You need an aggressive and effective criminal defense attorney who will fight back against he charges you are facing. There’s too much at risk to wait until it’s nearly time to go to court, you should call Attorney Gracey immediately upon being arrested.

The most important goal if you’re facing any DUI or traffic charge is protecting your driving record and keeping you out of jail. Remember, in Michigan, the penalties are very serious and could even mean up to 93 days in jail. Attorney Gracey has experience fighting all types of traffic charges from simple speeding tickets, to refusal to submit to a BAC, and OWI charges. Your license will likely be revoked immediately and you’ll be facing points added to your driving record.

Remember that points on your driving record will impact your insurance rates. In addition, the loss of your driving rights could also impact your ability to work. The last thing you need is to worry about losing your job after a traffic stop. Protecting your future, your driving rights, and avoiding steep fines is important.

Attorney Judith S. Gracey will fight back against these charges; you can contact The Gracey Law Firm for a free initial phone consultation. We provide affordable legal services to those who are facing any type of driving violation including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.