Civil Litigation

Facing a lawsuit? Need to file a lawsuit? We can help.

Civil Litigation
If you’re facing a lawsuit you need an attorney who will aggressively defend your interests. Lawsuits get filed on a regular basis against business owners, and individuals. If you’re being sued because someone feels you broke a contract with them, because they were injured on your property, or because they believe you owe them money, we can help present your case.

When you hire a contractor in southeastern Michigan, you expect they will complete their work in a timely manner. Sometimes contractors do not follow through, or provide shoddy workmanship. This means you’ll have to hire someone to redo, or complete the job they started. This is problematic as it causes a time delay, and you will likely have to pay more money to get the job done. We may be able help you recover financial damages to ensure the contractor is held accountable.

The Gracey Law Firm provides litigation services to both business owners and individuals in the Metro Detroit area. Attorney Gracey understands that a financial loss because of a broken contract is already a burden; we provide affordable, aggressive legal services to clients. Attorney Judith S. Gracey will take the time to explain the legal process to you so you understand how your case will proceed.

If you’ve been informed you’re being sued, or you need to file a lawsuit because you’ve suffered a financial loss, contact The Gracey Law Firm for a free phone consultation. We will take the time to understand what the basis of the lawsuit is and help you understand your options.